CORE Coaching

At MORE, REALTORS®, our office meetings are central and unique to our approach. Prioritizing our agents' time, we opt for monthly meetings over the typical weekly format, allowing them to engage fully in our weekly CORE Coaching Sessions. These monthly gatherings are dense with valuable content, leading to significantly higher participation among our agents compared to other St. Louis real estate offices. Since our inception, we've been pioneers in technology and market evolution. Similarly, we've been conducting virtual meetings since around 2012, facilitating easier attendance for agents, enabling guest appearances from afar, and recording the meetings for later review by agents.

Core Coaching Highlights

CORE Coaching Highlights

Want MORE?

If after watching the highlights from our CORE Coaching Sessions, or just hearing about them, you would like to learn MORE, we welcome you to take a closer look by attending a live session.  We can arrange to provide you with a discreet and confidential opportunity to attend a future CORE Coaching session. Get in touch with us to find out more and to join us in an experience that might completely change the course of your real estate career.

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