At MORE, REALTORS®, we understand the importance of straightforward and valuable compensation plans for our agents. Our approach is simple yet effective, offering two primary plans: the "Team MORE" plan and the "MORE for Less" plan. The latter includes two flexible options, catering to different needs. We're not in the race to be the lowest priced, because our focus is on providing unparalleled value. This means considering the full spectrum of resources, support, training, coaching, and mentoring we offer against the fees we charge. We believe we've achieved the best value proposition for real estate agents in St. Louis, striking a perfect balance between cost and the comprehensive benefits that come with being a part of MORE, REALTORS®. Our goal is to empower you with the tools and support needed to thrive in this dynamic market, ensuring that your investment in us translates into tangible success in your real estate career.

Compensation Plans

  • Team MORE (A Great Way To Grow!)

    • Ideal for newer agents as well as agents that base a significant portion of their business on company leads.

      • Highlights:
        • 60/40 Split until GCI hits $60k in rolling 12-month period
        • 70/30 after GCI hits $60k until GCI hits $75k in rolling 12-month period
        • 80/20 after GCI hits $75k in rolling 12-month period
        • No referral fee on company leads
        • Signs, lockboxes and business cards provided by MORE
  • MORE For Less (100% Commision Plans)

    • Cap Plan
      • Ideal for experienced agents whose business volume may fluctuate and do not want a commitment to a monthly fee but instead prefer a “pay as you go” plan.
        • Highlights:
          • 70/30 Split with $9,800 cap based upon annual anniversary date
    • 100% Plan
      • Ideal for experienced agents whose business volume is fairly consistent and they are comfortable with a commitment to a monthly fee to secure the best value plan.  Also a great choice for teams.
        • Highlights:
          • $695 per month fee, 100% commission. $395 per month for additional agents on team until 4th agent then $295 per month.

Want MORE?

If after watching the highlights from our CORE Coaching Sessions, or just hearing about them, you would like to learn MORE, we welcome you to take a closer look by attending a live session.  We can arrange to provide you with a discreet and confidential opportunity to attend a future CORE Coaching session. Get in touch with us to find out more and to join us in an experience that might completely change the course of your real estate career.

Contact Us today to arrange your meeting and start exploring the possibilities with MORE, REALTORS®.

Dennis Norman